'Málaga Bilingüe' project seeks to enhance the English skills of 10,000 people

2016-11-04 07:00:00

More than 10,000 people from the province of Malaga will be able to improve their English skills in the coming months as part of the ‘Málaga Bilingüe’ project, which is run by the Diputación de Málaga in conjunction with the British Consulate. Aimed at students and professionals involved in the tourism sector, the free course entails 60 hours of teaching, of which 52 hours are theory, focusing on aural comprehension and oral interaction, and eight are practical visits to places of interest, all taking place in English.
Each class will have a maximum of 20 students, with the project hoping to benefit 600 students from 30 municipalities.
In 2017, these figures will be tripled, with 1,800 beneficiaries across 90 municipalities
In addition to the classes, the project includes bilingual theatre visits for up to 5,600 students and free entry to a number of cultural and educational organisations for up to 4,500 students.source surinenglish