Torrox man embarks on second adventure at 30 degrees below zero

2016-04-08 08:00:00

Manuel Calvo, from Torrox, along with vet Cristóbal Frías from Seville, embarked on their second expedition to Greenland on Wednesday.
Thanks to an agreement between Malaga and Granada Universities, Manuel and Cristóbal will be able to study the characteristics of the indigenous dogs in the country. “The main objective of this adventure is to promote the importance of dogs and their bond with humans, and learn about the characteristics of these indigenous dogs that allow them to survive in such extreme conditions,” said Manuel.
Calvo and Frías, with the help of two Eskimos and 32 dogs, will visit some of Greenlands’s most remote areas and experience temperatures of around minus 30. They will go to the country’s east coast “where part of the Arctic is melting, to see ‘in situ’ one of the world’s biggest groups of polar bears,” explained Manuel. They hope that the research trip will help them to understand better the effect that global warming is having on the ecosystem.source surinenglish