Ibiza up in arms about pill song

2016-04-13 08:00:00

The last thing Ibiza needs is to increase its reputation as party capital. Despite long-standing efforts from the authorities of the island, Ibiza can’t shake off its reputation.
The song ‘I took a pill in Ibiza’ has topped the charts aroud the world. American artist Mike Posner released the original track as an acoustic-based ballad in July of last year, but in the last few weeks the new remixed version has achieved huge success in England, Holland and Norway, as well as taking a spot in the top ten in USA. In Spain, some radio channels such as los 40 Principales have started to air it.
The official music video has gone viral, with almost 40 million views on Youtube, thanks to the version by Norwegian duo SeeB, who sped up the vocal track and added a pulsating EDM beat. The electropop version has sold millions of digital copies worldwide. It has also been remixed and versioned by other singers, such as by British artist, Conor Maynar.
It is nothing new that other countries associate the island with parties, alcohol and drugs, something that does not please the authorities and less still, the tourism sector, which has implemented strategies to offer an attractive healthy image of the island to avoid this type of association.
To top it all, the video clip includes explicit scenes showing the use of narcotic substances. In the UK the BBC have cut down the title, omitting drug connotations. The song is now simply called, ‘In Ibiza’, so that it does not give rise to misunderstanding.
Mike Posner, explained the origin of the song in a video uploaded on the Internet. Stating that the lyrics refer to “a sort of a mystery pill” he drunkenly took from a fan he met at a concert by Swedish superstar DJ Avicii in Ibiza. It was the shame of taking ecstasy that was the trigger for the song.source surinenglish