A new plague of mosquitoes hits the area near the Guadalhorce river

2016-08-06 10:00:00

Mosquitoes have returned to the area around the mouth of the Guadalhorce river, which includes the residential areas of Guadalmar, Sacaba and the Parque Litoral, as well as the Plaza Mayor shopping centre. Malaga City Hall confirmed last week that numerous calls have been made to the free number 900 900 000 alerting the authorities tothe presence of the pests, leading the Environment department to call in a specialist company (Athisa) to help deal with the problem, as it had already done in late May and early June.
It is believed that the reason for this new plague of mosquitoes could be the accumulation of stagnant water at the mouth of the Guadalhorce river due to sand banks created by easterly winds. It appears that variety now affecting the residential areas is the ‘aedes caspius’ or marshland mosquito, which is bigger and more aggressive than the common mosquito.
Athisa has been treating the areas around drains and rainwater outlets and also the river mouth itself, and after a ten day delay while permission was sought from the Andalusian Environment authority, a biological treatment which is inoffensive for other fauna has also started to eradicate the mosquito larvae. However the process was not approved until after the sand banks had washed away and the water level had gone down, leaving only large numbers of adult mosquitoes in an area with high levels of environmental protection.source surinenglish