Speed cameras haven't cleared up Marbella's accident blackspots

2016-08-18 08:00:00

The use of speed radars on two of Marbella’s main roads has done nothing to take them off the top of the list of the worst places for traffic accidents in the town, local police data has shown.
On the Golden Mile, east of the town centre, which is officially known as Avenida Príncipe Hohenlohe, there is a frequently-ignored 80 km/h speed limit. Three years ago a fixed radar was installed. However, so far there have been 33 accidents this year. Meanwhile, at the eastern approach to the town by the Marbella arch on Avenida Príncipe Salman, where police rely on mobile cameras, there have been 20 accidents in 2016. Other streets with high accident rates are Arias de Velasco and Severo Ochoa.
There’s good news from Avenida Ricardo Soriano, which runs through the centre of Marbella, as it is no longer on the police list of most dangerous roads. This follows the recent installation of new traffic light crossings.
So far in 2016, accident levels are similar to 2015, with 1,059 incidents to date. The most common type of accident is rear-end collisions, making up 25%, closely followed by side scrapes and head or side-on collisions. One person has died on the town’s local roads this year and five have been seriously injured.source surinenglish