PTA continues to grow in jobs, new companies and turnover

2016-03-20 08:00:00

he Andalusian Technological Park (PTA) in Malaga achieved excellent results in 2015 with a significant increase in the number of jobs and companies, as well as a rise in turnover.
The PTA currently employs 16,774 people, over 8 per cent more than last year, at a total of 626 companies. 55 per cent of all employees are men.
Turnover also showed impressive results and reached 1,625 million euros in 2015, an increase of 5.84 per cent on 2014.
The PTA results for last year were presented at the board meeting held last week. President José Luís Ruiz Espejo highlighted the number of new companies entering the Park and the consolidation of multinational businesses.
According to Ruiz, the PTAis one of the “social and economic drivers” in the province of Malaga.
He also emphasised the importance of research, development and innovation in the Park. The number of people working in this sector increased by nearly 16 per cent last year to reach 1,449 people. The turnover in this particular area was in excess of 60 million euros.
Information technology
The largest sector on the PTA, however, is information technology. This area of expertise, which encompasses the fields of electronics, information, and telecommunications, represents a total of 32.77 per cent of all business activity in the park.
Information technology employs 60 per cent of the total number of people who work on the PTA and accounts for nearly half (48.22 per cent) of its turnover.
The director of the PTA, Felipe Romera said that 2015 saw “the launch of the second wave of innovation” at the Park with a greater presence of foreign companies and multinationals.
These included Accenture, Workshop, Oracle and CGI. Foreign businesses currently number 60 companies, around 10 per cent of those present in the Park. However, in terms of employment, international firms provide jobs for one fifth of the total number of employees.
The Green Ray
Romera also underlined the presence of the University of Malaga on the PTA through a project known as ‘The Green Ray’. Housed in a building with the same name on the university campus in Teatinos, The Green Ray brings student talents and businesses together through joint activities, supported by multinational companies with offices on the PTA.
Some 400 activities have taken place at The Green Ray including the launch of the so-called Link space. This particular activity promotes the development of business projects and strategies between companies already present in the Park and Malaga University.
New buildings
Since it opened in 1992, some 790.5 million euros have been spent on investment there. The vast majority of this (77.5 per cent) has its origins in the private sector with just under a quarter coming from public funding.
In 2015, the PTA started the contract process and construction of three new office buildings in an area of the Park currently under expansion. The three buildings, when finished, will take up over 18,600 square metres.source surinenglish