Anti-viral challenge to get kids moving

2016-04-21 08:00:00

Any parent concerned about their child or children spending too much time in front of a screen, whether it be a television, computer, tablet or mobile, the solution could come in the form of the Get Kids Moving Challenge that starts on 15 April. The event, organised to coincide with the World Health Day for Beating Diabetes, has been created by, Spain’s first dedicated website for children’s activities.
Set up as an online 30-day challenge, parents registering will be emailed weekday tips, suggestions and the motivation needed to encourage small, but significant changes that will stimulate children into trying other, more sociable or physical activities. Facts and figures will also show how an increase in activity can stimulate brain development. Organiser, Kerys Mullen, says: “I was researching children’s activities in Spain and regularly came across reports in the media, medical press and World Health Organisation, describing the worsening problem of overweight children in Spain. This shocked me, because I expected that everyone was living an active life, out in the sunshine, and enjoying a Mediterranean diet. But children in Spain are obviously being affected by lifestyle changes such as using the car and easy internet access, on computers, tablets and mobiles. Also I notice my own daughter, who’s two and a half, is drawn like a magnet to any screen, whether it’s watching Peppa Pig on TV or playing games on phones or tablets. It’s very difficult as a parent to be firm and say no, so I’m actually going to take the challenge too.”
Local businesswoman, Georgina Shaw, has registered for the challenge. “I am always looking for interesting and engaging activities for my four year old, as it’s not always easy to get him away from the TV and tablet. I was thrilled to find the Get Kids Moving challenge and am looking forward to getting some great ideas that we can apply as a family.”
Parents can register up until 17 April on the website at Further challenges will be run during the course of the year.source surinenglish