A jamboree of cultural traditions

2016-05-20 08:00:00

More than 20 countries were represented at the Día Internacional del Residente Extranjero de Tor remolinos, foreign residents’ day, last Saturday, and hundreds of locals and tourists enjoyed an afternoon of glorious sunshine and multicultural music and dance.
The Lions Club of Torremolinos, the Royal British Legion, Friends of Nessie in Torremolinos (Scottish association) and the Irish Association of Spain participated in the festival.
The Finnish association of the Costa del Sol, the Bolivian artistic multicultural association of Andalucía, The Russian association of the Costa del Sol and The Philippine Provincial Association of Malaga were just a few of the multinational associations that showcased their traditions on the day.
The aroma of barbecued meats and an array of sweet and savoury delicacies perfumed the air and visitors were able to sample the gastronomic delights of faraway lands like China, Singapore, Argentina and Venezuela.
Bolivian hats, Moroccan tea sets, Mexican ceremonial masks and an assortment of traditional costumes could be purchased, along with homemade custom jewellery and various fashion accessories.
One of the most popular stands was the Cubanos Unidos, United Cubans, which kept the thirsty punters satisfied with strawberry daiquiris and minted mojitos, and one could treat oneself to an authentic hand-rolled Havana cigar.
The Royal British Legion of Torremolinos, an organisation that began back in 1993, offered a variety of homemade cupcakes and chocolate delicacies, the proceeds of which will go towards the next poppy appeal in November.
The cancer care foundation, Cudeca, was also present at the fair, and visitors were able to pick up their copy of SUR in English, German or Russian from their stand.
Visitors were entertained with a multitude of musical cultures, including Cuban jazz, Indian folk and Peruvian pan-pipe music, and the performances continued throughout the day until 8pm.
Burt and Pat Greenfield, from Maidstone in Kent, told SUR in English that the foreign residents’ day had saved what had been a “disastrous” holiday.
“We’ve had nothing but rain since we arrived last weekend, but at least the sun is shining today and we can have a little fun before we go back to England tomorrow,” Burt said.
Just over 21 per cent of the population of Torremolinos are foreigners, and the majority, more than 13 per cent, are from the United Kingdom.source surinenglish