10, 000 euros lost by a Danish man in Malaga airport has been found by police in Sweden

2017-04-18 06:00:00

The National Police have located the 10, 000 euros that were lost by a Danish man in Malaga airport on 5 April in Sweden. In a statment released by the provincial police headquarters it has been revealed that the whole sum was found in the hands of a tourist that had come across the money in the airport.

The police first became aware of the case after the Dane reported that his two bundles of 50 euro notes disappeared while he was placing his suitcases in his car which was parked in the arrivals zone.

Detectives began with the investigation of the vehicle that was parked behind the man's car at the time the money went missing. This led to the discovery of the money's location as it emerged that one of the vehicle's Swedish passengers supposedly picked up the money from the floor by accident as they hurried to catch their flight.source surinenglish