Work on new skyscraper hotel in Malaga port could begin next year

2016-09-24 08:00:00

Following months of political and institutional procedures, the future five-star luxury Suites Málaga Port hotel in the city’s port has reached the public consultation stage. This phase was initiated with a launch, open to the general public, at the Centro de Estudios Portuarios on Monday, carried out by representatives of the Qatari group Al Bidda, which is developing this project.
From the outset, the response of the relevant institutions was positive, starting with agreements from the city hall, the port authority, the regional government and the main opposition parties. Now, what remains is a series of complex, administrative procedures to alter the ordinance for docks (Deup), and the port’s development regulations, as well as to gain the approval of the Ministry of Public Works in order to get the definitive green light from the Cabinet.
In any case, the developers feel confident that all the necessary permissions will have been granted by the midpoint of next year, so that work can begin either at the end of 2017 or the start of 2018.
Construction is expected to last at least two and a half years so the opening date is likely to be during 2020.
The investment needed to complete this project is somewhere in the region of 120 million euros and, according to consultants Deloitte, the construction will create 1,300 jobs. Once open, the building will employ some 350 people.
To spend a night at the hotel, guests will have to pay between 300 and 600 euros per night.
The presentation on Monday was the first appearance in public for Abdullah Al Darwish AD Fakhroo, the administrator of Andalusian Hospitality II, the association created by Al Bidda to promote the skyscraper.
The Qatari group has investments throughout the Persian Gulf, but was attracted to Malaga due to its economic growth and tourist attractions. The group has also distanced itself from Málaga Club de Fútbol owner Sheikh Abdullah Al-Thani, saying that despite shared nationality and family names, there was no professional nor personal link to the man whose concession for the extension to La Bajadilla harbour is set to be removed.
“Our vision is to create a destination in itself, to make it a symbol of the city on an international stage,” said Al Darwish, who stated the intention for this to be the first of many investments in Spain and especially Andalucía. “The Al Bidda group has worked on many significant projects in the Middle East and Europe. We have the expertise and management structures in place to create a hotel of the highest quality.”
He also went on to outline the findings of the market and economic viability studies which were very favourable.
José Antonio Farfán, of the consultancy firm Deloitte, backed up these claims saying:“They were very surprised to see the city’s development in relation to others both nationally and internationally. This was the deciding factor.”
Aerodynamic building
The building, 135 metres tall, will be made up of 35 floors and 352 rooms. According to its designer, José Seguí, its design is very simple, with the base of the building containing the majority of non-hotel services such as the car park, the casino, the conference centre and the shopping area to reduce the visual impact of the building on the horizon. The tower, therefore, is almost entirely for guests who, from every room, including the bathrooms, can enjoy sea views thanks to the entirely glass walls. “It will be the new lighthouse for the port,” he says.source surinenglish