Bikers unite to raise funds for children’s charity

2016-02-06 07:00:00

Last Sunday around 3,000 bikers rallied together in Fuengirola in order to raise money for Volunteer Association Children’s Oncology Malaga (AVOI) at a new event called ‘Smiles on Wheels’. The event was organised by Fuengirola Moto Club in collaboration with the town hall and the municipality’s Federation of Associations.
It was the first time something like this had taken place and its success exceeded all expectations with more than 3,000 bikers from all over Spain attending, with around 5,000 collaborators.
The idea came from Juan Hernández, a biker from Malaga, who gained inspiration from an event he saw online. In America last year, a collection of Harley Davidsons gathered together in support of children with Down’s Syndrome. “I thought I would gather around 15 or 20 bikes for the children of AVOI and take them for a ride around Fuengirola, but in the end we managed to gather around 3,000,” Hernández said.
From 10am to 7pm, thousands of motorcyclists roared through the streets of Fuengirola, with some 40 children diagnosed with cancer enjoying a ride on the back. The ride started at the fairground before followed the sea front towards Torreblanca to the La Gavia restaurant.
There, in addition to half a dozen stands selling biker items (funds raised went to AVOI), there were two giant paellas, enough to feed 1,200 people (each plate cost five euros, with two drinks included, courtesy of the Fuengirola Federation of Associations). Also, drinks (one euro) and other foods were being sold (filetitos , pichitos and burgers for two euros). Live entertainment was also provided by the boy wizard, Rubén, clown Alexei Sacarrisas, and also a rock band.
As a way of generating more money, a raffle was also held with 45 great prizes won.
President of the Fuengirola Moto Club, Juan Carlos Salinas, creator of the organisation, announced that he was “very satisfied” with the development of the event. For his part, Juan Carmona, president of AVOI, was impressed with the outcome, “I didn’t expect something so resounding”.
The presidents of AVOI and Fuengirola Moto Club give thanks to everyone that contributed to helping make “the children smile. It makes it all worth it”.source surinenglish