Aemet predicts a 'terral' at least once a week throughout August

2016-08-07 11:00:00

August this year will be fanned mainly by the ‘poniente’ (westerly and north westerly) wind, which in Malaga city, the Guadalhorce valley and various other municipalities along the Costa del Sol means the dreaded, hot ‘terral’, while temperatures in the coastal area are forecast to be just above average for the month. Experts at the ‘Centro Meteorológico’ in Malaga say the higher temperatures will be brought by frequent ‘terral’ winds over the coming weeks and on Friday, temperatures could reach a high of 38 degrees, dropping to just 30 over the weekend when the hot wind may give way to the cooler, easterly ‘levante’.
Weather forecasters also point out one of the lesser known benefits of the hot wind, which is that over the one or two days it usually blows, it dries the air, reducing humidity, and it also brings up colder water from the depths of the sea, which means that the subsequent easterly wind is cooler and more reffreshing.
Temperatures inland are expected to be average for the time of year, ranging from 30 to 35 degrees.source surinenglish