Malaga's first baby of 2016 is English

2016-01-22 08:00:00

he very first baby to be born in the whole province of Malaga in 2016 is British.
Little baby boy Charlie Tony Chambers was born at 1.30am on the 1 January, weighing in at 3.56 kilogrammes and already sporting wisps of blond hair.
His mum, Kirsty Cudlipp, told SUR in English “When I arrived at hospital just before 11pm on New Year’s Eve, the nurses told me there were not many people in labour in any of the local hospitals at the time and that my baby might be the first of the year in Malaga.”
Being the only mum in the labour ward at the time, the team at the Clínico Hospital in Malaga were confident Kirsty’s son would be the first 2016 baby in their hospital but they wanted to see if he would also be the first in Malaga province for the year.
“The nurses kept checking with other hospitals to see if Charlie was still going to be the first or not. There was loads of madness going on,” said 28-year-old Kirsty, who arranges events for a large hotel and also has a two-year-old son called Archie.
As midnight passed, staff members at the Clínico Hospital provided Kirsty’s partner Gary Chambers with some traditional grapes to help celebrate the New Year Spanish style, while Kirsty and her midwife, Katerina Svobodova, prepared for Charlie’s birth.
A second round of celebrations began ninety minutes later when Charlie was born and was declared the first Malaga baby of 2016. “The first thing we saw was his white blond hair,” Katerina told SUR in English, as she went on to describe the birth as “perfect”.
The English-speaking midwife, who moved to Spain from the Czech Republic in 2007, said: “It was too late to administer an epidural by the time Kirsty arrived so she asked me to stay with her throughout the birth. Kirsty and Gary were both lovely.”
Celebrities for the day
On New Year’s Day, the newborn Charlie and his parents became celebrities for the day as journalists and television camera crews visited the hospital ward to share his story as the first Malaga baby of the year.
Now back at home with his family in Benalmádena Pueblo, baby Charlie is blissfully unaware of the extra celebrations and media attention surrounding his birth. “It will certainly be something to show him when he gets older,” admitted Kirsty, who has lived in Spain since moving here with her parents 13 years ago.
The first baby to be born in Andalucía this year was a little girl called Martina in Cordoba who arrived at just one minute past midnight.source surinenglish