Cártama hospital one step closer to opening with completion of access road

2016-03-30 08:00:00

One of the biggest obstacles in the way of the opening of the new Valle del Guadalhorce hospital inCártama, the construction of the access road, has been overcome one month ahead of schedule. Last week the provincial government (Diputación), opened the new road in the company of the other two authorities involved in the hospital project, the Junta de Andalucía and Cártama town hall. No date, however has been given for the opening of the hospital, now in the hands of the Junta, as a problem regarding sewage disposal has not yet been solved.
“It’s two and a half months since we started work on the road and agreed to pay for the electrical installation of the Chare,” said the president of the provincial government, Elías Bendodo, last week. He referred to the agreement signed with Cártama town hall to take over the two projects. Bendodo stressed that the work had been completed one month ahead of schedule. “We have handed over the road to the town hall and have kept our promise,” he said.
At last week’s opening the provincial representative for Health at the Junta de Andalucía, Begoña Tundidor, highlighted the joint efforts of the three authorities in the work prior to the inauguration.
“When institutions work together it’s clear. In 20 days the waste water disposal project will be complete and work can start,” she said, adding that the hospital would open as soon as any other unexpected problems had been solved.
“We have also been working on transport so that the shuttle service can start operating when the hospital is up and running,” she stated.
Possible dates
The last to speak, and the only one to be a little more specific, was the mayor of Cártama, Jorge Gallardo. He started by saying that once again “the Diputación has kept its promise to the district and to Cártama.”
“The waste disposal project is waiting to go through the public information stage, although we don’t believe there will be any problems,” he said.
The project involves the laying of an 800-metre pipe from the hospital’s waste water treatment facility to the river Guadalhorce.
Gallardo even dared offer up a date, although he admitted that the Junta representative did not like him doing so.
“Counting the time we have, I hope that we can open the hospital at the end of May; today we have taken an important step forward; there’s no going back,” he concluded.
The Chare hospital will serve a catchment area of more than 100,000 inhabitants in 14 municipalities in the Guadalhorce valley area.source surinenglish