Álora produces the best Spanish wine you can buy in a supermarket, says guide

2016-09-30 03:00:00

The town of Álora can now boast it has the best wine in Spain that can be bought from a supermarket, according to the ‘Supervinos 2017’ magazine. The guide to supermarket wines, written by the wine expert and writer Joan C. Martín, has just been published. In it, the best Spanish red is the Vega del Geva crianza, from the Pérez Hidalgo winery which is based in Álora.
To reach this decision, experts had to taste 981 wines of which 152 were classed as ‘supervinos’ (under 6.99 euros) and 48 ‘megavinos’ (under 14.99 euros).
Francisco Pérez Hidalgo, co-owner of the winery with his brother, José Miguel, explained how ‘proud’ they were to be included in the pre-selection process of ‘megavinos’ and how being classified as the best in Spain was “amazing considering the quality of the wine from other regions in this country.”
The Álora wine was described in the guide as “unforgettable, a nearly perfect wine from the Sierra de Málaga”. The wine also received the maximum number of points which hasn’t been obtained for three years.
The winery describes the winning red as having an intense cherry/ruby colour and a wide range of wild berry flavours (blackberry and raspberry).
It is priced at 8.85 euros and around 30,000 bottles a year are sold.
The ‘Supervinos’ guide includes two hundred references to wines that can be found on fifteen supermarket chain shelves throughout Spain. The guide not only describes the conventional characteristics of the wines but also the relation between quality and price. Each entry is customised and it is possible to find wines for tapas, unknown but valued wines, traditional, classic wines and regular wines. It also includes references to wines that have won in previous years.
The guide not only provides useful, timely and accurate information, it constantly discovers new wines that will appeal to wine lovers, and transmits the information “in an easy and understandable way”, according to the magazine.source surinenglsih