Partido Popular wins general election with better results than in December, but no overall majority

2016-06-27 09:00:00

The Partido Popular led by Mariano Rajoy has won the general election held on Sunday with 137 (at 97% of votes counted) of a total of 350 seats in Spain's Congreso. Still short of an overall majority the PP has won 14 more seats than in December.
The PSOE has not given up its second place as some pre-election opinion polls had predicted winning 85 seats, five fewer seats than in December, but still ahead of Unidos Podemos.
The far left coalition formed by Podemos and Izquierda Unida obtained 71 seats, the same result as Podemos obtained in December without the support of IU.
The centre-right party Ciudadanos (C's), led by Albert Rivera, has obtained 32 seats (at 94% of votes counted), eight short of the 40 obtained in December, losing voters to the PP.
As in December no party obtains an overall majority and negotiations will be needed to form a government.source surinenglish