2016 marks the bicentenary of Alameda Gardens

2016-06-20 06:00:00

One of Gibraltar’s most famous beauty spots, the Alameda Gardens, will be 200 years old in April and the government is making sure this important anniversary does not go unnoticed by organising various events and activities.
Among these will be the inauguration of a new glasshouse for plants which are too delicate to be outdoors, and one of the flower beds will be planted with a special 200th anniversary display. There will also be guided tours of the gardens, to raise awareness among local residents and visitors about their history and content
The government is also planning to issue a series of commemorative stamps to mark this bicentenary.
It was in 1815 that the military governor of Gibraltar, General Sir George Don, decided that people needed somewhere pleasant to walk and “enjoy the air protected from the extreme heat of the sun.” A promenade was arranged around what was then the Grand Parade, and financed by donations to avoid putting a strain on the public purse. It was gradually enlarged to become the eight-hectare Alameda Gardens of today.source surinenglish