A traveller on an environmental mission

2016-12-24 10:00:00

'Re-cycling to freedom' is the slogan Martin Hutchinson is carrying around the world on a flag attached to his a recumbent trike.
This is the means of transport he has chosen for this latest environmental world tour that began at the end of May, in Manchester, the city where he grew up.
It turns heads, which is Martin's main aim, but rather than attracting attention to himself, he wants to raise awareness of the need to look after the planet.
Martin, 55, who has been travelling around the world since he was 19, plans to be on the road for nine years visiting every country in Europe, before heading further afield to India.
As he travels he keeps a record of the rubbish and waste and other environmental atrocities he comes across and posts his images on Facebook and YouTube. His recent posts show fantastic views of the sea from the road between Almeria and Malaga; the camera then moves down and zooms in on the litter left behind by people who have stopped to admire that same view.
In one his latest posts he reveals how he was pleasantly surprised by his first impression of Malaga when he arrived on Thursday: "I have to say I did think this was going to be a dirty city. From what I have seen so far it's not and it's cleaner than other cities I have seen in Spain," he tells his followers.
Martin started this latest tour just weeks after completing his last journey around the world on which he covered 35,000 kilometres in nine years. Then, though, his means of transport was not a bike, but his own two feet. In South America he picked up the name 'El Caminante' as he visited towns, villages and cities.
On his travels he gives talks at schools, meets with local mayors, businesses, the media, anyone it takes to get his simple message across: the planet is all we have and we are not doing enough to protect it.
"The planet is my best friend. How can anyone destroy such a wonderful place. There's so much to see," he says, explaining how his years of travelling around the world opened his eyes to the beauty of the detail around him.
"People dream of things, but it's all out there," he adds.
Martin Hutchinson will be in Malaga until Monday, before he continues his to. source surinenglish