The best pizza in Malaga

2016-12-19 07:00:00

Seventy seven restaurants took part in the competition to find the best pizza in Malaga. Eight made it through to the final held in the La Taberna del Alabardero catering school: Maxi Pizza, Altos del Higuerón, Matteo Carfora, Bellavista Mare, O Mamma Mía Fuente de Reding, La Pizza di Ale, Antonio Pucci and the eventual winner, Terra Mia. Also awarded a prize was baker Matteo Carfora, selected by the public for his pizza. Of the 2,100 people who voted, Marina Lusquiños won the draw for a weekend in Rome.
Surprisingly both winners have the same DNA; they are both Napolitan. Antonio Taglialatela moved here from his home town in Naples with his wife and four children just four years ago while Carfora arrived in Fuengirola from Naples with his parents ten years ago.
Terra Mia received 3,000 euros worth of publicity in the ‘Malaga en la Mesa’ magazine and a selection of products from La Contadina catering suppliers up to a value of 1,000 euros. Carfora received 1,000 euros in publicity and catering supplies worth 500 euros.
The jury was made up of the gastronomy critic for SUR, Enrique Bellver who was president; Fabrizio Pedicini, export manager for Viander; Pablo César Paz, chef at La Taberna de Alabardero; Carlos Cubillo, SUR advertising and Pilar Perea, public relations officer for SUR who acted as jury secretary.
The business director of SUR, Federico Moret, explained that the competition constituted an “important project in support of international cuisine”.
“These kinds of events help society to realise that there is an important and serious Italian community here,” said Bruno Procaccini, owner of La Contadina, an Italian products company that sponsored the event. Other collaborators included Viander, Caputo, Galbani, and the wine ‘Oh My God’.
The winning pizza was made by chefs Luca Milani and Matteo Borrelli. It consisted of fresh dough, topped with ricotta cheese, truffle, smoked mozzarella, pecorino tartufo, smoked cooked ham, fresh mushrooms and sweet cherry tomatoes.
Luca has been in Malaga just over a year and his Italian accent is still strong. At just 22 years old he can boast of having made the best pizza in Malaga.