Ciudadanos breaks coalition pact with PP at Mijas town hall

2016-04-27 08:00:00

Ciudadanos has broken the pact signed after last year’s local elections to form a government with the Partido Popular in Mijas. After months of tension and internal battles the centre-right party, led by mayor Juan Carlos Maldonado, ended the agreement on Tuesday and removed the PP councillors from their positions of responsibility within the local government.
Ciudadanos, who have five out of 25 seats on Mijas council, gained control after the 2015 municipal ballot thanks to the deal with the PP, then headed by former mayor Ángel Nozal.
Tuesday’s split has raised the question of how the municipality is going to be governed from now on, although some sources point to an agreement between Ciudadanos and the Socialist party PSOE.
On Monday Maldonado challenged the PP to put forward a no-confidence vote, following the recent confrontations between the two parties.
Maldonado said that the situation in the municipality and in the council chamber “is becoming unsustainable due to the unbreathable atmosphere generated by the PP”. The mayor accused the PP of “forgetting the general interests of the people” and using reproaches against Ciudadanos “in revenge for what happened at Granada city hall”, said the mayor.source surinenglish