75 million spent on Christmas lottery tickets in Malaga province

2016-12-29 09:00:00

Spain's famous Christmas lottery is approaching and, while the last-minute rush on tickets continues, people in the province of Malaga are expected to spend a total of 75 million euros in the hope of winning the Gordo prize.
In Andalucía as a whole more than 387 million euros have been invested in lottery tickets ready for Thursday's draw.
The state lottery organisation has allocated nearly two million tickets in the region, which means an average investment of 46 euros per inhabitant.
Queues formed at official lottery offices around the country this week as many bought their last-minute tickets.
Consumer advice
The consumers organisation Facua-Consumidores en Acción has reminded consumers to be careful of offers to buy winning tickets. People who find themselves in possession of winning tickets are warned not to accept offers of larger sums of money in cash in exchange for the tickets. Doing this could amount to participating in a money laundering offence.
Facua spokesperson Rubén Sánchez, said that holders of winning tickets can receive offers that increase their prize money by "so much per cent" from tax evaders and criminals looking for a way to launder money.source surinenglish