Alarms raised after victims cheated of up to 400 euros through fraudulent gas checks

2016-02-14 09:00:00

The municipal consumer office (OMIC) of Archidona has raised the alarm with regard to “scams involving butane gas inspections”.
This follows a series of ‘denuncias’ in the town, including one from an elderly woman who was charged 400 euros to have her gas installation reviewed.
The association, which forms part of the Archidona town hall warns that “first they call you by telephone then come to your home at which point they tell you that inspections are obligatory and that yours is due. They may also insist on changing the rubber pipe.”
What’s more, they say that you could be left without gas, or worse still, that an accident could be about to happen.
The victim, often poorly informed, then agrees to the works for which they are charged exorbitant fees.
The OMIC warn that no one has the right to enter your home to carry out such inspections and that any such service has to be solicited by the customer.source surinenglish