New hotel is a sign of progress for Torremolinos

2016-07-30 09:00:00

The hotel Las Palomas, situated in Calle Carmen Montes in La Carihuela, Torremolinos, has just reopened after standing derelict for more than five years.
The hotel, which first opened in 1967, closed its doors back in 2011, leaving more than a hundred people without work. The hotel’s entrance soon became a picket line for dozens of furious workers, most of whom have had to wait for more than four years to obtain unpaid salaries from their former employers.
Torremolinos was suffering from the effects of the financial crisis that was crippling Spain at the time, and, as a result, tourism figures began to drop and several hotels and large businesses closed down, or moved out of the town.
The hotel Las Palomas stood derelict and empty and the building quickly fell into decline, becoming an eyesore to the area, but this all changed last week when the new hotel opened its doors to the public.
Palia Hotels, a company based in Mallorca, acquired the hotel earlier this year and they have undertaken a complete refurbishment of the hotel, giving the tired looking building a fresh and inviting new look.
The hotel has been renamed Palia Las Palomas Hotel and all of the 303 rooms have been modernised and upgraded, and the entire complex has been completely transformed.
Palia Hotels, a company that also owns the Palia La Roca Hotel in Benalmádena Costa, acquired the hotel after bidding 13,100,000 euros at auction in April of this year, and they are reported to have invested a further six million euros in the refurbishment project.
The money raised from the sale of the hotel will liquidate debts of social security and tax, unpaid wages of former employees, and outstanding payments due to the Torremolinos town hall, who were reputedly owed more than three million euros.
The town’s socialist mayor José Ortiz is determined to make Torremolinos a popular cultural and tourist destination once again, and following the recent pedestrianisation of the Plaza Costa del Sol, and the installation of the ‘open-air museum’, the centre of town has taken on a Covent Garden-style ambience.source surinenglish