What is Malaga exporting to the rest of the world?

2016-03-07 06:00:00

The export business from Malaga to the rest of the world continues to take giant leaps forward. Last year, Malaga was one of the provinces with the highest rate of increase in foreign trade (the eighth highest in Spain). All of this indicates that when 2015 draws to a close, a new record will be made. Within the first seven months of this year, the previous year’s figure had already been surpassed.
No other province has increased as fast as Andalucía. This year it is predicted that total exports from Spain will increase by 5.5%; in Malaga it is likely to be around the 16% mark. Sales of food and primary materials continue to sustain the large part of this increase.
However, in figures recently published by the province, it was revealed that Malaga is starting to benefit from the sales of manufactured products, something which is becoming an opening for businesses in Malaga.
Olive Oil
Liquid gold and indisputable king
For many years olive oil has been Malaga’s salient export and, for the minute, it is looks as if this will remain true. Up until August, the value of olive oil sales exceeded 226 million euros, with Europe and the United States being the principle buyers of Spain’s oil.
A week ago, Dcoop, one of the biggest export companies of agricultural products in Spain (whose headquarters are in Antequera) reached an agreement with the North American firm Mardoche Devico which will “take the alliance to the forefront of the global olive oil business,” according to Dcoop’s vice president, Francisco de Mora.
Bulk sales of olive oil are the backbone of the business, although in the last few years, sales to small firms have increased dramatically due to the demand for high-end bottled olive oil products, like those of Finca La Torre or Montexaquez Oliva, among others.
Fruits and nuts
Almonds and tropical fruit excel
The fruit and nut business is recorded as being the second biggest export trade in Malaga according to the accounts of the Ministry of Foreign Trade. In the first eight months of 2015, the trade of these two products reached 153 million euros, with France being the primary receiver of Spain’s fruit and nuts, followed by Germany, Holland, the UK and Portugal.
Among the Spanish companies which benefit from international trade links is Trops, a business which is regarded as the biggest retailer of tropical fruits. Around 90% of their products are exported, with the company providing fruit to 25 different countries around the world.
Likewise, Frunet, a company which specialises in organic fruit and vegetables, and Frutas Montosa (who specialise in avocados) are other firms which have made strong progress in the international marketplace.
Elsewhere, in the nut trade, Almensur are another example of an excelling Spanish company. Since their facilities in Cártama were developed, the producers of almonds have seen their exports increase considerably.
The manager of the business, Juan Carlos de Gallego, spoke of “big plans” for the future of nut trading in Malaga as well as in Spain. So great has the success of the Spanish almond been in recent times, only the American and Australian almond are selling better.
According to a recent study carried out by Francisco Seva, Malaga is responsible for the production of 65% of the lemons grown in Andalucía and almost 90% of all of exported lemons grown in Spain. Lemons from Andalucía are well known for their quality with Turkey and Morocco being Spain’s biggest competitors in this market.
Machines and appliances
Electronic vehicles
More than 6,500 operations contributed towards the 136 million euros earned in the manufacturing sector last year in Malaga, where there is no limit to the range of products made.
Among the top companies based in Malaga is Fujitsu whose sales increased by 27% at the end of March. The production of electronic vehicles is the company’s biggest business with France, Russia and the UK acting as their principal clients.
However, there are many more examples of innovative companies doing well in Andalucía. In the air conditioning business, Airzone sell almost half of the units they produce to foreign countries, namely the United States and Mexico.
Meat and packaged food
Pork is leading the market
During the first quarter of the year, the Malaga food and agriculture sector enjoyed one of the biggest increases in sales abroad. As well as the fruit and oil industries, the meat trade is also proving to be popular with foreign buyers thanks businesses like Faccsa-Prolongo and Famadesa.
Faccsa, based in Malaga, export 45% of their product abroad. At the moment, Europe is the main consumer of their meat; however, they are beginning to see an increased interest from the Asian market.
In 2015, their meat products were exported to an array different countries adding millions to the total Malaga export figure; Portugal (43.7 million euros), China (21.1), Italy (5.9), Japan (5.9), South Korea (3.1) and France (2.1).source surinenglish