Torremolinos hotels get facelift as resort’s business climate improves

2016-04-03 09:00:00

With over one million visitors plus five million bednights a year, Torremolinos ranks as the flagship resort on the Costa del Sol. After being badly hit by the economic crisis, the town’s business climate is starting to show sure signs of improvement.
The biggest indication of a change for the better can be seen in the six-million-euro investment taking place in Torremolinos hotels. This is the second highest budget for hotel improvements on the Costa del Sol.
Two hotels take the lion’s share of the refurbishment funds with an allocation of over three million euros between them. Melía Sol House Aloha has undergone a complete facelift and changed its entire outlook and client profile. The hotel now plans to appeal exclusively to Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1995) offering a “vibrant social and musical experience”. On offer are a resident DJ, a beach club and room service via the use of a hashtag on the hotel’s Twitter account.
MS Amaragua is renovating its restaurant and spa, as well as completing the room refurbishment that was started last winter. Aguamarina, Natali and Los Jazmines are other hotels undergoing improvements.
According to council sources, Torremolinos aspires to become “an icon of modernity and diversity” in tourism. The sector currently provides 12.9 per cent of all employment in the resort.soruce surinenglish