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This portal is intended to help private individuals/consumers find housing/hotel rooms that are for sale/rent and book hotels in Europe.

Key4living takes no responsibility for information provided by real estate agents and hotels.

This portal contains advertisements that are related to the industry.

 Who can be a client of Key4living

Promoters/banks/real estate agents can sell/rent properties on this site. Hotels can advertise their services (corp. reg. no/VAT number required).

Advertisers in selected industries can be customers of the portal.

Private individuals/consumers are not permitted to use Key4living for sale.

Private individuals/consumers are permitted to use Key4living for rent to rent

Customer/consumer security

All of our advertisements are checked on an on going basis to provide the greatest security possible to the users of the website. All offensive materials will be removed and reported to the authorities.

Our payment system has been developed by the best in the industry to provide the highest level of security and give you the peace of mind that is so important for online payments.

Key4living screens its customers and will remove or edit content as we see fit.

It is important that you store your login details in a safe place. You are not permitted to give your code/login to unauthorised persons who are not associated with your company.


All inquiries about operational disturbances, if any, must be sent to

Communication with Key4living takes place by e-mail.

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We will ensure high levels of availability of our website, without any interruptions to and errors in our system. However, we cannot make any guarantees for the Internet and other extraneous communications.

In the event of unauthorised entry into our system, the portal will be shut down immediately to rectify errors and damage.

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 Copying or making data entries to or links from this website is not permitted without  Key4living’s written consent.

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 It is not permitted to use and misuse any information that may harm others on this website.  It is not permitted, either, to place here information that could harm Key4living or other companies and consumers using this portal.

 Copyright and database content

 Use of logos, text or other recognisable information from the Key4living portal is not permitted.

Key4living owns all rights and licenses as well as and the content of the portal/database. Key4living owns all of the software.

Terms of sale and contract

You can place orders on Key4living - and payments will be made through your PayPal account/credit card, with a receipt to you as a client.

You can view your properties under your own login.

Once the payment period expires, you can extend it by making an additional payment.

Once you are a client of Key4living, you can post an unlimited number of properties from your company.

All posted properties will be available on an on going basis at Key4living under their respective concepts - no client will be given any preference.

Key4living has the right to amend prices without prior notice.

All prices will be + the applicable VAT rate.

Advertisements at

Key4living disclaims any responsibility for the content of our clients’ advertisements. However, these must always adhere to all codes of ethics and regulations.

 Welcome to us as a client

 Key4living wants to wish all of our clients good luck and success with the sale of their products and undertakes to continuously develop the portal in order to make it competitive to similar services on the market today.

Key4living intends to be to the European portal where the property vendor meets through their real estate agent.

Key4living intends to be the portal that helps hotels so that private customers can book their hotel rooms directly, with the lowest possible costs for both hotel and customer.

See you soon at WWW.KEY4LIVING.COM