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A modern jewel Inspired by the serenity of its natural setting between mountains and sea, Takara is a collection of ten luxurious modern Villas. FROM JAPANESE, TAKARA MEANING “TREASURE, JEWEL”.a modern jewel Inspired by the serenity of its natural setting between mountains and sea, Takara is a select collection of ten luxurious modern Villas that redefines the concept of stylish living on the Costa del Sol. Each individual Villa at Takara is designed with tall, double-height ceilings and full-length windows to create bright, luminous living spaces that let in views of the surrounding nature. Specially selected quality materials offer a visual and tactile delight while bringing sophisticated design to life.

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SPANIEN RIKS Tidigare ordföranden i F.C. Barcelona Sandro Rosell beviljades 27 februari villkorlig frigivning, efter 21 månader i förebyggande häkte.
Både Rosell och hans affärspartner Joan Besolí har suttit häktade sedan maj 2017 för misstänkt penningtvätt. Deras ansökan om villkorlig frigivning hade avslagits ett 20-tal gånger av utredningsdomaren, men beviljades av federala domstolen Audiencia Nacional efter den första rättegångsdagen........


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The Cudeca Foundation has reason to celebrate this year, having now provided palliative care to patients in the final days of their lives for a quarter of a century.

During their annual results presentation last Wednesday, Joan Hunt, founder of Cudeca, explained that what had begun in a spare room in her house, has turned into the only cancer hospice in Spain. Today, 25 years later, Joan Hunt is just as determined as she was in 1992.

Classical concert to mark 25 years of care
She expressed great satisfaction at Cudeca’s track record, but she was quick to point out that without the help of the staff, volunteers and the general public, Cudeca might never have reached its silver anniversary.

“Volunteers are Cudeca’s greatest asset. When we began we had just five or six volunteers, today we have almost nine hundred,” Joan explained.

The presentation was an opportunity for Cudeca to show the progress they had made in 2016, and they announced that for the fourth consecutive year, they ended the year in the black.

Cudeca raised over 3.6 million euros in total last year and more than 30 per cent of this was revenue from their 18 charity shops.

Another two million euros came from wills, donations, events and contracts with the Junta de Andalucía. The rest came from members, public grants and interest.

Their expenses totalled 3.5 million euros, so they had a surplus of almost 70,000, which, as their financial director pointed out, was not a bad way to enter their silver anniversary year.

The Golden Pin

The event also provided the opportunity to present the coveted Golden Pin award. The Golden Pin is presented to someone who has shown outstanding commitment to Cudeca, and this year Susan Hannam received the award for her tireless enthusiasm and continued dedication.

Susan has been with Cudeca since day one and even though she officially retired in 2011, she is still very much involved in the charity.

“After my first meeting with Joan and Marisa, I told my husband about the project and explained that I wanted to be part of it. I am still here today,” Susan said emotionally.

“It has been a great pleasure to have been involved since the beginning,” she continued.

Joan Hunt acknowledged Susan’s tireless efforts by saying: “I can honestly say, with great joy in my heart, I am so pleased to present Susan with a Gold Pin. She is part of the foundations and part of our family.”

In a separate Spanish presentation on Thursday, another Golden Pin was awarded to Josefina Mateos Miembro, founder of Cudeca’s psychology and social department.source surinenglish

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Marbella’s Funky Buddha Beach, which closed two years ago among controversy over the legality of its licences, looks set to reopen. The company behind the popular Marbella landmark has been working to ensure that the beach club adheres to a series of technical requirements laid out by Marbella town hall. However, the exact opening date remains unclear. The company has suggested, via social media, that it will be open “this year” while sources have informed SUR that “no date has been set as yet”.

A spokesperson for the Funky Buddha Beach told SUR: “If it is open for this season then good, if not we will be open for the next one.”source surinenglish

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Receiving an inheritance can really help out in a tight financial situation for many people, however for some it can easily turn into a poisoned chalice instead. The double-edged sword of many legacies is born out in figures that show that more and more people in Spain are turning down their inheritance.

In the case of Malaga province, of the 10,466 inheritances that were processed last year, 1,610 ended up being disclaimed by their rightful beneficiaries. This figure has shot up from the 358 recorded rejections in 2009 in the province, at the start of the last financial crisis.

Across Andalucía, four times more people are giving up their inheritance compared to 2009, reaching over 14 per cent in 2015.

Nationally, an average of one person in ten now doesn’t take up the property or assets left to them.

The reason behind the number of rejections is that often the deceased person has debts higher than the value of the assets. Many homes have fallen in value below their purchase price and mortgages are often more than what a property is now worth.

On top of this, some regions of Spain, including Andalucía, charge a higher-than-average property inheritance tax and all town halls can charge their ‘plusvalía’ (added-value tax) on a property. Both taxes are now the subject of national campaigns to have them reformed.

It seems that the beneficiaries of wills are increasingly doing their sums and realising that an inheritance is not as attractive as it seems.source surinenglish