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Make your marketing by Key4living

·      Receive enquiries directly

·      Advertising, we guarantee quality in our service

·      The new generator/portal for international buyers in Europe

·      Your best marketing option if your targeting buyers from countries in Scandinavia

·      Focus on Scandinavian countries

·      The best search engine in real estate market

·      The best presentation of your properties

·      All in one portal – sale – rent – Club Exclusive – Hotel - Advert

·      The best prices on market

·    Newsletters every week/month to real customers

·      Newsletter in your company name one time a month



2020 special offer all prices+VAT

Send your xml link to key4living
Get an account for manual feed
after the test period you decide with which option to proceed with the prices under,you dont pay if you dont want to continue advertising.

 Level 1​​manual or xml feed 75 € / month​ + 1 months free with no limitations of estates

Level 2 manual or xml feed 400 € / 6 months ​+ 1 months free with no limitations of estates

Level 3 manual or xml feed 700 € / 12 months ​+ 1 months free with no limitations of estates

Number/no limit. Sales/rent pay for months  
Every alternative is included
Advertising number/no limit. Sales/rent
one advert here per month
real estate tips/per month/7 languages

Broker Tips EN

Conseils courtier FR

Listados ES

Mäklartips SV

Mæglertips DK

Meglertips NO

Broker-Tipps DE





2 times a week there are sent 10000mails to potential clients.

each real estate gets a property presentation a month

everything included in the monthly cost even under test period

rental properties are also included in the presentations



 Adverting (Hotel, lawyer, etc) / 12 months/ 100€                                                                      

   Payment must be paid in advance (Does not apply to test period)

·      Key4living disclaims any responsibility for the content of our clients’ advertisements

·      However, these must always adhere to all codes of ethics and regulations

·      Once the payment period expires, you can extend by making an additional payment

·      TIPS - Best advice for you - will have many visitors?

·      Make your first picture attractive and with BEST quality

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information


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