Offer 2020


Make your marketing by Key4living

·      Receive enquiries directly

·      Advertising, we guarantee quality in our service

·      The new generator/portal for international buyers in Europe

·      Your best marketing option if your targeting buyers from countries in Scandinavia

·      Focus on Scandinavian countries

·      The best search engine in real estate market

·      The best presentation of your properties

·      All in one portal – sale – rent – Club Exclusive – Hotel - Advert

·      The best prices on market

·   Newsletter

2 times a week there are sent 10000mails to potential clients.

each real estate gets a property presentation a month

everything included in the monthly cost even under test period

rental properties are also included in the presentations

·      TIPS - Best advice for you - will have many visitors?

·      Make your first picture attractive and with BEST quality

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Offer 2020 special offer all prices+VAT

Send your xml or get an account for manual feed

 Level 1:  75 € / month​ + 1 months free with no limitations of estates

Level 2: 400 € / 6 months ​+ 1 months free with no limitations of estates

Level 3: 700 € / 12 months ​+ 1 months free with no limitations of estates

Number/no limit. Sales/rent pay for months  
Every alternative is included
Advertising number/no limit. Sales/rent
one advert here per month
real estate tips/per month/7 languages


 Adverting (Hotel, lawyer, etc) / 12 months/ 100€                                                                      

   Payment must be paid in advance (Does not apply to test period)

·      Key4living disclaims any responsibility for the content of our clients’ advertisements

·      However, these must always adhere to all codes of ethics and regulations

·      Once the payment period expires, you can extend by making an additional payment



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